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Most people choose their massage therapist through word of mouth referral.

Although everyone has a different preference when it comes to massage, these reviews might be helpful to you.

If you've had a service with me and would like to share your experience, please check out the Testimonial form below!


Charylie does amazing work! I am really appreciative of all the things she's been able to help me with (back pain, two shoulder injuries, ankle injury.) She is highly knowledgeable, professional - yet kind and personable, and creative with different tools/techniques to provide both a therapeutic and relaxing massage.
Charylie is not only incredibly skilled, but creates a relaxing and comfortable environment that I'm always happy to return with each appointment.
Really talented massage therapist. Creative and skilled approach that gets results.
Charylie is one of the best massage therapists I've seen. She listened to what I needed and provided just that and more. She often checked on me to make sure she was applying the right pressure and that I was comfortable. She's very knowledgeable and took the time to explain why certain muscles were right and achy and recommended a book that I can use to do self-massages.
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